On Banana Screens as a domain name

Similarly shaped to a banana is this multi-sloped screen

The banana shape is what gives this equipment the name banana screen

Everytime I show off this site to others, I ask them if they know what a banana screen is? You can imagine the look on their faces.

Having worked for clients who sold banana screens, it’s a term I am well acquainted with. In fact, I’ve also written some articles and prepared brochures on the subject over the years for two clients.

When I first started checking out this site’s position on Google, I was surprised that I was going against articles I prepared for client all those years ago. And, now that this site ranks on top of those articles that were indexed so long ago, it’s a good feeling indeed.

I am asked why I chose “banana screens” as the domain name. It was not planned, more a fluke really. Offered the site by a domain name reseller, I worked on a hunched and purchased the domain .

BTW, this post on banana screens explains how this equipment, also called multi-slope screen/s has had the name banana screen.

There was also a bit of a spanner in the works early in the piece. There was a site . This site was, from memory, a site that sold screen savers.

I’m not sure about the history, but the site I believe is no more. In fact, the domain “bananascreen.com” became available. Well, the temptation was too much, so a got the domain name.

I might use it in another SEO exercise of just sell it. We’ll see what happens.

With regards screen savers, this take the form of a static or moving background. You see a lot of computers with their favourite photos on the background, whether it’s their family, spouse, friends, sporting activity, passion and so on.

Not a big fan, I just use what’s on offer by the operating system. Beats having to decide what to use. But, I digress.

If the name banana screen, as a domain name appeals to you let me know. I will consider offloading this.

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